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The Modern-Day Man’s best friend: Zolo Roboblow

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If you count the types of sex toys available to men, you won’t need two hands. The Zolo Roboblow found here is one such perfect invention that has seen some fantastic responses from men all across the globe. It’s miserably low as compared to the options women have. However, that doesn’t stop Zolo from perfecting its products. It’s either the lack of motivation to innovate more or the simple reason men are easy to please.

Be it its unique design or extended longevity, the Zolo blowbot has been a popular choice. My partner and I love to explore sex toys on a personal level. Every other weekend we buy something or the other to ramp up our sex life. He was a bit hesitant about buying this automatic blowjob machine as it seemed too good to be true. The way the brands market themselves these days seem like a gimmick. But after some thought, he decided to give it a shot anyway. The Zolo blowbot isn’t very heavily priced, so that was an easy call.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Zolo Roboblow is the modern-day man’s best friend. After using the product just one time, he fell in love with it. Nowadays, he uses it almost every other day.

Get a blowjob anytime you want!

Tell a man that you will blow him at his whim, and he will never leave you alone. In a recent 2016 study, it was found that 73% of cis men and 68.9% of cis women found receiving oral sex “very pleasurable,” and another 24.1% of cis men and 26.5% of cis women found it “somewhat pleasurable.” Therefore, it is no joke that blowjobs form a significant part of men’s desires, so they’ll never refuse if you offer it to them.

Now, imagine getting the “perfect” blowjob every time. Sounds like a dream. Right? Not anymore. With the magic of the Zolo Roboblow, you can get the blowjob you deserve every time you are horny. Since it is an algorithm-based machine, it will always give you the maximum pleasure. So all you need to do is turn on your favorite video, get some lube (or spit in it if that’s your thing!), and enjoy your afternoon as the blowjob masturbator gets to work.

Complete shaft masturbator, unlike other sex toys!

Most auto blowjob toys you find in the market restrict themselves to pleasing only the head or just 1-2 inches below it. However, the Zolo Blowbot covers your entire shaft and makes sure you experience the full sensation of a toe-curling blowjob.

The developers added powerful rolling motors that grip the shaft gently and stroke the entire length at different rhythms. You have 10 incredible rhythms and patterns in the updated set, so you will never get bored of the same motion.

In other blowjob toys, you will find a maximum of 2-4 patterns leading to a saturated feeling after a point of time. But with the Zolo Roboblow, you get to experience 10 different modes. So even if you try out one mode every day, you will have the whole week to try something different and still have 3 more left at the end.

No hassle of cleaning or storing!

We all know how hygienic guys are! For weeks, most of them have socks lying around pizza crumbs under their bed. Hence expecting them to properly clean and store the blowjob sex toy is a funny joke. So having a toy that can clean itself automatically is definitely a blessing.

The Zolo Roboblow has quick-dry technology that automatically blows in warm air inside the tube so that there is no fungal or bacterial growth in the moist tunnel. This keeps the device hygienic and makes sure you don’t end up getting any type of infection through the toy.

A perfect gift for everyman

If you’re confused about what to give to your loving boyfriend or husband, you’ve come to the right place. Here you have a sex toy that emulates the most perfect blowjob experience. With multiple modes of operation, changeable textured tubes, and a self-drying blowjob simulator, you have a power-packed sex toy that every man would love.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the Zolo roboblow and gift your man the toy he deserves. There is a reason why this blowjob masturbator has been widely acclaimed by men all across the globe!

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